Exhibition featuring work from invited female artists; women who have lived, studied and/or worked in Dundee during their careers.

  From timeless silver and goldsmithing to mind-blowing 3D printing technologies, this dazzling range of jewellery demonstrates the abundance of talent and skill female makers contribute to the jewellery industry.  Each artefact on display tells a story through a unique blend of material, form, colour and texture – but more importantly a story of women who created them.  Alongside each piece we have included a little titbit from or about the artist; a snippet to give you a sense of who they are.  While several of the participants involved in this project are full-time jewellers, many balance their time between other roles such as, education, health and care, hospitality and creative industries to name but a few.  Including women who are self-taught or might have started off by attending informal classes, or who make jewellery as an extension to their other practice, was very important for us from the start in order to highlight the diversity of independent makers. 

  All women taking part in this project have a connection to Dundee.  They have all either lived, worked or studied here and so, this project seeks to champion the vibrant jewellery scene that has helped to shape the emergence of Dundee’s respected design culture and highlight the immense contribution that female jewellers have made to the industry.  Here I would also like to note that the list of women involved in this project was based on our knowledge at that time and information available online, and is in no way intended to be a complete resource.  Nevertheless, it is intended to provide a comprehensive directory of female jewellery designers/makers with a connection to Dundee.

  Independent jewellery designers are often overshadowed by large mass-produced market competitors, due to the fact that each hand-made piece of jewellery requires a lot of time and attention.  Many of the techniques artisan jewellers use in their work demand incredible amounts of skill and specialist equipment, dedication, and the perseverance to overcome the many hurdles that are part and parcel of the making process.  Despite all that, jewellery-making is utterly addictive to us jewellers; filled with passion we make beautiful things for others to enjoy and treasure!

Taking part in this project are Julie Allison, Iona Anderson, Lizzie Armour, Charmian Beaton, April Black, Sarah Brown Jewellery, Louise Buchan, Gina Burgess, Hannah Burr – Letters to Jinny, Mairi Burrow, Kyley Campbell, Helen Chalmers, Eve Cockburn, Mairi Collins, Roisin Connolly, Brogan Cunningham, Jen Cunningham, Kirsty Dalton, Zoe Davidson, Genna Delaney, Karen-Ann Dicken, Scarlett Erskine, Megan Falconer, Louise Forbes, Andrea Gardiner, Jo Garner, Rebecca Gee, Jane Gowans, Anne Clare Graham, Leah Gurr, Sarah Harvey, Christina Hirst, Dorothy Hogg, Elizabeth Humble Jewellery, Trudi Hunter, Zoe Hutchison, Ieva Jankovska, Syrah Jay, Diana King Jewellery, Jodie Lagazon, Beth Lamont, Melissa Latto – Nine Angels, Lorraine Law, Katie Lees, Roslyn Leitch, Steph Liddle, Marianthi Macdonald, Joanne MacFadyen, Rhiannon MacGillivray – Geddes Designs, Lynne MacLachlan, Dr Maria Maclennan, Dr Allison Macleod, Emma MacLeod, Susan MacLeod, Kirsten Manzi, Holly McAfee, Judy McCaig, Jenna McDonald, Lisa McGovern (McConnell), Tracey McSporran, Nikki McWilliams, Nicola Morrison, Ruth A Morrison, Hannah Muir, Milly Munday, Katie New, Alana Peden – East Nook Studio, Anastasija Petrie, Kate Pickering, Eileen Pottle – Pottle Jewellery, Claire Pouget Wright, Jo Pudelko, Teena Ramsay, Nicola Reed, Audrey Reid, Lorna Romanenghi, Anne Ross, Gill Ross, Sheila Roussel, Ann Marie Shillito, Dot Sim, Karen Smith – Metallium Jewellery, Naomi Smith, Rebecca Smith – Smith & Gibb, Islay Spalding, Sarah Spalding Jewellery, Kirsty Stevens – Charcot, Aubin Stewart, Kirsty Stewart, Carolina Striemer, Larissa Thiel, Kim Tiong, Jennifer Tsang, Christina Vernon, Katharina Vones, Kenzie Wallace, Anne Watson Jewellery, Julie Whitelaw, Sandra Wilson, Kelda Young, Trish Young Jewellery.